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At Work Intermediate – 6ªf às 19h – Magali / Gabriela

MATERIAIS: At Work Intermediate: Audios Student´s Book Audios Workbook  

Keynote 2 – Magali /

MATERIAIS: Audio Student´s Book Audio Workbook Audio Script Student´s Book Audio Script Workbook TED Talk Transcripts Student’s Book Vocabulary List …

World English Intro – Sábado das 9h às 10h – Magali / Larissa

Featuring content from National Geographic and TED, the new edition World English series brings amazing stories about our planet and compelling ideas from around the world to the classroom. Riveting images, fascinating topics, and inspiring video will motivate learners to engage with ideas and each other. The second edition of World English introduces students to some of the world’s most fascinating people and places and builds upon an effective competency-based approach to provide 21st century learners with the English skills needed for success.

Life 2 : 2ªf às 20:30h e 6ªf às 20h – Sueli / Benedito

MATERIAIS:   Student´s Book Workbook Audios Videos

Nuevo Ven 1 – 3ªf às 20:30h e 5ªf às 19h – Susana / José Carlos

MATERIAIS: Audio aluno CD1 Audio aluno CD2 Audio – Livro Ejercicios

Nuevo Ven 1 – 5ªf 10h às 11h – Susana / Luís Fernando

MATERIAIS: Audio aluno CD1 Audio aluno CD2 Audio – Livro Ejercicios


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